PowerPoint presentations are very important especially if you are an office worker or a student. In one time or another, you need to present a specific topic and expound about it in front of people, whether they are classmates or coworkers. That is why is special cases when you only have a ppt version of your presentation in hand, you desperately need something that will allow you to convert your ppt files into pdf versions. Perhaps you need to print the presentation in pdf format for visual aid. Fortunately, the small PDF tools is with you in such a circumstance because they have the ppt to pdf converter. More about this converter tool is discussed below.

Preservation of Layout

One of the features of the ppt to pdf converter is that it preserves the layout of the original file. This means that all the elements of the original file including the font styles, font sizes, images, charts, and other things are still contained in the converted pdf file. So when you print or when you look at the converted file, it looks exactly similar to the previous ppt version. The only difference is the file format of the original file and the converted file.

Using the Tool Is Safe and Secure

Another good thing about the tool is that using it is super safe and secure. You do not have to worry about the website grabbing or stealing all your files when you supply it to them for conversion because they will not do such a thing. They value privacy and security more than anything. Therefore, you can freely use the tool without worrying about your files getting stolen from you.

The Converter is Browser Accessible

The converter tool can also be accessed by you regardless of the operating system that you are using. So whether you are using Mac, Linux, or windows, you are sure to gain access to the tool with your browser provided that you have an internet connection. Of course, you cannot use the tool if you do not have an internet connectivity because it is offered by the small PDF tools website.

You Can Convert and Download Multiple Files at Once

The tool can speed up your work by allowing you to convert multiple files at once and then download all of them simultaneously after conversion. This means that regardless of the number of ppt files you have in hand, you can always obtain their pdf versions all at once.

Those are the features of the ppt to pdf file converter that can really give you the upper hand in conversion. So make sure to go to the small pdf tools if you need to use this tool.

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